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July 1, 2018

A Note From the Pastor

Great Vacation Bible School:

This past week has been an exciting tie at Bible Baptist Church. Vacation Bible School this year was one of the best attended schools that we have had in many, many years.  On Monday & Tuesday night we had over 70 students plus another 50-35 workers.  Plus, it was really interesting, education, and Biblically and scriptural based too.  Our teachers, helpers, and workers all worked especially hard to bless our kids this past week.  From the classroom, to the crafts, to the kitchen, it has taken a 100% effort in order for VBS to have been a blessing to the kids.  We offer a special thanks to all those who worked, studied, and prayed for our VBS.  Honestly, it was  a great effort on the part of everyone involved.!

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to Retire:
I know many of you have prayed passionately for God to allow this to happen.  We must never forget that the Supreme Court opened the door in 1973 for 60 million abortions to have taken place.  That means 60 million innocent lives have been taken in our country because of that decision.  Also, the Supreme Court eliminated prayer and Bible reading from our public schools in 1962-63.  In addition the Supreme Court removed the 10 Commandments from our schools and public state-funded buildings.  Most recently, the Supreme Court approved of same-sex marriage contrary to Biblical teaching stating that marriage is between a man and a woman.  The Supreme Court has been on a mission for the last 50 years to completely remove God from our society.

I am certain that the Supreme Court cannot change the hearts of our country but maybe a new justice would allow for a standard of morality to be restored to this once Christ-honoring and God-blessed nation.  

Please pray for President Trump to choose a good conservative justice who might reverse some of the sinful practices of our nation!.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Brother Harold

Scriptures from Today

"Nation Blessed by God"

Psalm 33:12 (KJV)

"We just need a few good men!"

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